A Canvas of Crepes

Paleo Crepes

I have always been in love with foods that I call the blank canvases..a slice of sourdough bread, a pizza crust, long strands of golden semolina pasta, a tortilla wrap, a pot of polenta.. The artist in me gets inspired to create a topping or filling based on what is on hand.. a sliver of cheese, a handful of herbs, toasted almonds, leftover chicken or lamb. 

This morning, our friend Kate Taylor was dropping by our Chilmark home for coffee  to discuss her upcoming concert  and wampum sale in Chapel Hill. I remembered that she likes to limit her gluten intake so it was the perfect excuse to try out a new paleo inspired version of crepes to be topped with strawberry jam..                                                                                                                                                                                                                 But I had no sooner turned out the first crepe and saw the deliciously golden round of color on a plate, than my brain began to buzz with possibilities. Of course the traditional grand marnier dessert crepe with a dusting of powdered sugar came to mind.  But what about fresh blueberries and whipped cream or fromage blanc, or sautéed pears, maple syrup, toasted pecans and cinnamon, or a simple homemade applesauce?                                                                                                                   Paleo Crepe

And then the idea of savory fillings took off. Creamy burrata with diced heirloom tomatoes and basil,  spinach sautéed with shiitakes and a sprinkling of Parmesan or feta; avocado, tomato and cilantro with bacon or crab meat in a cumin flavored crepe.

Here are two blank crepe canvases (recipes) to play with. Remember to leave out vanilla and sweeteners if you are making a savory crepe. I also love using a blender to make  the batter so I can just pour it right into the crepe pan or nonstick skillet. And you can either place your additions on top, roll up inside or simply tuck inside a folded crepe. Most crepes can be made in advance or even frozen with parchment or waxed paper in between.

So fire up your stove, rummage through your fridge and your imagination and see what you can cook.


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    i enjoyed this post and the many suggestions. Nice to know that your creative "juices" are abundant.

    I'd be interested in trying your gluten free crepe recipe (maybe that was one in the "blank crepe" link?).

    Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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