Baby in the Nest!

Two years ago I wrote about the first pair of osprey to build a nest on the osprey pole that we share with our neighbors, Garth and Ollie Edwards, who are in their mid nineties. Their appearance and industrious efforts raised great hopes for permanent nesting at a location that had been empty for around 20 years. Alas, their nest was  flimsy and they abandoned it. Last year, hopes once again raised, they built a sturdy abode that withstood the winds of Hurricane Irene and a couple of stiff nor'easters.  But they flew off when our human neighbors took up residence close by. Just practicing I guess.

This year we continued our optimistic bird watching when the pair arrived in April and stayed on the nest. Daily the male delivered a still flipping fish for his mate. She would then fly off with the meal and he would sit on the nest.  There had to be eggs.

Two days ago, as I studied for the millionth time the outline of the nest looking for any little activity, I saw a little head pop up. This morning I saw the little guy flap its wings a few times. I guess it  better be practicing. Island osprey have been tracked all the way to Peru and Chile, returning to the same nest and mate each spring in the Vineyard.  There may be only one chick, though I read that they don't all hatch at the same time.  We'll see.

 I feel like a grandma.  When he gets big enough to show up well in my camera lens, I guess I will  have to post some pictures.  Meanwhile, check out this link of an osprey webcam in Montana.



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