Beach Breakfast

If you are hungry when visiting my house, then it is your own fault. At least that is what I tell any guest who is reticent to rummage through my fridge and pantry to find a snack or lunch, but especially breakfast. I generally don't prepare breakfast for anyone but myself. In fact, with all my work lately to get my book out, I try to block off every morning for writing and website work, etc. My guests can find their way to the beach, or the arboretum or hike the nearby trails or just hang out on the porch reading. Some of them dig into the garden or turn their attention to their own work. It is a very productive place.

I have noticed that left to their own devices, our friends come up with some pretty tasty or unusual breakfasts. We, of course, always have local eggs, granola, a great organic peanut butter and an assortment of breads -both gluten free and not. One recent morning our friend Tom, used to making himself at home in our kitchen, made a beeline for the fridge to fix himself some breakfast. I saw him pull out last night's leftover paella complete with little necks, chorizo, squid, chicken and shrimp. He warmed it in the microwave then added a sunny side duck egg on the top. Toast and butter and a cup of bracing French press coffee rounded out his meal. Ready for the day he headed to the garden before a late morning nap with his book.

I was especially pleased with his creative approach. After all, who says you have to eat cereal in the morning. I think it was quite a few years ago that this approach yielded a signature pasta salad that we later sold truckloads of at my take-out store in Atlanta. It might never have occured to me to serve it cold had I not found some leftover chicken and linguini with pesto in my fridge after a dinner party the night before. I had to have just one more taste to see if it was as good as I remembered. It was and chicken and pasta salad was born. Basically, I think you can try frying an egg and putting it on anything to make breakfast... at our house in the summer that might be a lone slice of onion pizza, a corn tortilla, or leftover rice and beans. Try the reverse, too by scrambling your eggs and serving ratatouille or grilled asparagus on top. Or just skip the eggs. Why not have a cup of hearty clam chowder or yesterday's tarragon chicken salad on a piece of toast.

My paella recipe comes right off the authentic Matiz paella rice wrapper shown below..with a few variations. Check it out here.  And don't forget, if you have any left over, try it for breakfast.

                                                                 Paella Recipe


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