McIntyre's Books – Star Child Event 5/5 2:00 p.m.

May 5th, 2 p.m. | McIntyre's Books

Imagine two mystical and mysterious beings descend from the heavens. What could their journey on earth possibly teach us? Only what it means to be truly human. And that is the greatest lesson of all. — Meredith Vieira, television journalist. Terra and Marius are star children, heavenly beings who come to earth with all their special wisdom and powers to live as human beings in a faraway time and place. Like all modern youth, they face the challenges of fear, loneliness, the need to please, and the stigma of showing their true selves when they do not fit in with those around them. Betraying their own hearts, each gives up or misuses the very things that make them unique. As they seek a return to their true selves, Terra must find the courage to offer her healing gifts to others, and Marius must learn how to live again with an open heart in a world that is often cruel to those most sensitive. Along the way, they encounter wise teachers in the creatures of the sea and earth, the trees of the forest, and the elders of their world. In this universal and touching tale of love and loss, young adults and old souls will treasure their encounter with the star children on their magical journey back to themselves and each other.

Kay Goldstein is a cook, writer, and teacher of meditation who was delighted to find herself writing a story about star children. She is the co-author of A Book of Feasts, Stories and Recipes from American Celebrations, and has been a regular contributor to the Huffington Post and her own blog, Lessons for the Cook.


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