My New Favorite Thing: White Yams Roasted with Coconut Oil

Okay, I can’t get enough of these truly delicious treats. I first tasted them when I dropped by my friend Nancy Aronie’s place for a sweet hour of catching up late one morning. Nancy has been my longtime friend and I have taken her Chilmark Writing Workshop classes several times. I think of Nancy as being one of the main reasons I call myself a writer and live so much of the time in Martha’s Vineyard. So I walked into her cozy cottage in Chilmark and she offered me some of the white yams she was eating. I took a small bite and said, "What ARE these?" She had roasted them in the oven, then sliced them into rounds and fried them up in an iron skillet with coconut oil.  It was all I could do to grab the plate from her and eat them all myself.

The next day I was grocery shopping and I saw white sweet potatoes. I grabbed a couple and tried them out the next  night. Since I can be a lazy cook by the end of the day, I sliced and roasted them in the oil in the oven..a one step cooking process that worked really well.  And only one dirty cooking pan!  They were just as good as I remembered them and tonight I am making some again as a special treat just for me. 

So are they sweet potatoes or yams? I don’t really know. Laurie David dropped by and gave me her new cookbook, The Family Cooks, and among many other things, she is famous for growing her own sweet potatoes here on the island. When I told her about Nancy’s white sweet potatoes, she said they were actually yams. I will take that from the resident expert and ignore what the grocery label called them. What’s important here is to not lose sight of the goal line of eating them.

 Here’s the recipe. Just let me know if you love them as much as I do.




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    Here is how to tell yams and sweet potatoes apart:
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    Thank you Colin!
    See my new blog siting your informations. Fabulous!

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