Lectures, Workshops, and Hangouts

 In connection with the publication of Star Child, I am available of  a variety of speaking engagements such as those listed below

Star Child: The Tale within the Tale:

 Part reading,  part exploration of the internal writing process covering topics such as the inspiration for the book, how the characters emerged, my approach to the final editing.  Lecture style 20 - 35 minutes with optional Q and A

 The Spiritual Lessons of Star Child:  This topic explores both implicit and explicit practices and lessons in the story. Lecture or discussion group format

 Book Club Q and A’s:  to discuss Star Child via Skype, Google Hangout or in person

 General Author Q and A

30-60 minutes in person or via Google Hangout

Being True to Yourself/Finding your Way Back: for Adults and Young Adult level groups  (10-14 recommended); Interactive group discussions about 45- 60 minutes

 Custom Designed Workshops: 1/2- full day on such topics as Inspiration, Trusting our Inner Voice, Meditation and the Creative Process, Knowing our Purpose  Lecture and interactive for a minimum of 10 participants