Fish Tacos Cabo Pulmo

Like in Nancy’s open air kitchen, grilling the fish is preferable to the more traditional battered fried fish found in many Mexican fish tacos.   The smoky taste from the fire is a perfect counterpoint to the complex flavorings of the salsa and garnishes.

Greek Coffee

We were always served this intense Greek coffee both after dinner and for breakfast with hard crusts of bread for dipping or sometimes leftover marinated cold sardines. It is a fool-proof and refreshingly simple “low tech" method to make coffee.

Katina's Dolmades with Avgolemono Sauce

Spending time in the kitchen with Katina was always a treat- even though our command of each other’s native language was minimal.  But the language of food never seemed a stumbling block to our time together. After all, cooking is so physical and direct and the expressions of delight easily understood.

Creole Oyster Bisque

This is the soup that Julia Child so fondly spoke of in a thank you note to me that I have framed and hung in my kitchen. I realize only now, years later, that it was her lifelong love of oysters that brought her to my dinner. She was seen dipping seconds right out of the pot during dinner!

Gluten Free Potato Latkes

I love homemade latkes during Hanukkah. They are a reminder of the miracle of the oil that lasted not one, but eight days after the re-capture of their Temple by the Jews many centuries ago.  But this year, I was praying for a modern miracle- making a good potato latke without using the White Lily self-rising wheat flour I had always used.  I took the plunge and gave it a try. It was surprisingly easy to go gluten free and still enjoy this family favorite! (I adapted this from a recipe by Beth Hillson, that appeared in this month’s Living Without Magazine, a wonderful source for all things gluten free.

Gingered Peach and Blueberry Pie

I like to use the native wild blueberries available on Martha’s Vineyard for this pie.  Try serving warm and topping with a scoop of vanilla bean or dulce con leche ice cream. You can substitute other fruits as available or just use peaches. 

Smoked Tomato Soup

It is always nice to use the smoke from a grill for more than one thing.  I invented this recipe when I tossed some market- fresh tomatoes on the grill where Buck had just finished smoking some ribs for dinner- an all-day project.  There was still some hickory smoke and the grill temperature was barely 200 degrees.  I left them on for about an hour and let cool in the refrigerator to use the next day for our soup. For more comments on Martha's Vineyard foods, see the blog, Bounty Hunting.

BB's Electric Blue Martinis

While there are many versions of this festive drink, including adding 1/2 ounce Sweet and Sour Mix, BB was a purist and didn’t like anything interfering with his taste for the vodka.