Asian Red Cabbage Slaw

You can serve this versatile slaw almost anytime you would consider using a traditional slaw. It keeps well, and will not easily spoil when kept for a while out of the refrigerator so it ideal for potlucks and picnics. Its bright presentation is inviting on a buffet.  I especially like it with grilled or roast pork, ribs, smoked chicken or duck.  It makes a nice sandwich topping on turkey, ham or pork tenderloin.


1                                          small head of red cabbage

½                 cup                  peanut oil

1/3               cup                  toasted sesame oil

1                  tablespoon       ginger

1 ½              tablespoon       soy sauce (I like to use low sodium)

 1                 teaspoon          dry mustard

1                  teaspoon          salt (or to taste)

¼                 teaspoon          black pepper

1 ½              teaspoon          sugar or honey

¼                 cup                  rice vinegar

1/3               cup                  toasted sesame seeds (use black ones if available) scallions

6                                         scallions, sliced thinly

½                 cup                 almonds, chopped or sliced and lightly toasted


Divide the cabbage in four wedges. Using a large sharp knife,  or mandolin slicer,  thinly slice the cabbage wedges into narrow strips. Cut again crossways if necessary to make bite sized pieces. Thinner strips will be more pliable, so you will have to play with the size to see what works. It should not be grated or chopped in a food processor.  Set aside the cabbage in a large serving bowl.  In a separate smaller bowl, whisk together the remaining liquid ingredients and seasoning until thick and homogenized. Set aside. Sprinkle scallions, then almonds, then toasted sesame seeds over the red cabbage. Everything can be prepared in advance to this point. If serving later, cover and refrigerate the cabbage mix. Just before serving, pour the sauce over the cabbage and toss thoroughly. It is nice to do this at the table so the presentation of the colors before tossing can be seen. The slaw will keep several days refrigerated.  While it will lose some crispness, the flavors will continue to blend.


Serves 8-12