My paella recipe comes right off the authentic Matiz paella rice wrapper shown below..with a few variations. I soak the saffron in a little lemon juice to bring out the color before adding it to the broth. I like to use some fish stock as well as chicken, and it is nice to saute a little fennel with the onions. And you can mix and match your seafood and poultry or add a handful of green peas for color near the end of the cooking. The secret is in using the right kind of rice and to let the bottom get crusty by not stirring. You can get this and other recipes online at  And don't forget, if you have any left over, try it for breakfast. Serves 8-10

One more thing: I tried my own variation of this wonderful NY Times recipe, Paella by Land and just loved it. I don't use rabbit, but use duck legs, fava beans and maybe a late addition of chicken livers. I sprinkle duck cracklings over the top just before serving.

                                                                 Paella Recipe