What's Cooking

Create Your Own Energy Bars, etc.

If you are like me you might spend a lot of time reading labels and still being disappointed in the flavor of snacks or finding them way too sweet.  www.youbars.com has come up with a super idea for finding just the right combo for your taste and dietary restrictions. At the site you can build your own energy bars, cereals, shakes and cookies. I just created my first bar with rice protein, almonds, a little chocolate and dates. I'll give you an update on how they turn out.

Eco Leader Training

The No impact project folks are at it again! They are offering a free weekend of training in Vermont.I just got the following in my mailbox and thought it was a good thing to pass along. To apply,

The Charter for Compassion

The Charter for Compassion is a document that transcends religious, ideological, and national difference. Supported by leading thinkers from many traditions, the Charter inspires worldwide community-based acts of compassion. At this time when violence has become a common response to differences, read about and think about making a commitment to another way. To affirm the charter, learn more, take action, click here.

More Chapel Hill Food Kudos

Congratulations to Andrea Reusing of Lantern who was named the James Beard Best Chef in the Southeast and Crook's Corner which was named a James Beard Classic Restaurant. Two of my favorite places to dine...anwhere.

Tara Brach Podcasts

I highly recommend listening to author/teacher Tara Brach (Radical Self Acceptance) podcasts available here or on Itunes. They're free and you can select from almost 100 of them. Her wise words, humor and teaching are inspiring. Not just for Buddhists.

Star Child Books Arrive

Our first sale of Star Child today: Edgartown books bought 6 copies! Announcement of book release  tomorrow :)

Star Child e Books now available!

Star Child  e versions  are now available on Kindle and Nook ! Other platforms coming soon! Choose which versions here. For an author who has worked a long time to see her book in print, it is hard to suggest that her readers pick an e version. But many readers have been requesting this. This is especially true because the hardcover is so beautiful..a real keepsake. Consider buying one as a gift to yourself or a dear one. ...and buy all the e versions you like.


I love the quote I found when reviewing the winners of the 2o12 awards; "The literature of the imagination is important because it gives us a world large enough to contain alternatives, and it gives us hope." ~The  National Book Award's Young People's winner, William Alexander, quoted Ursula Le Guin in accepting the award for his fantasy novel, Goblin Secrets.