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Star Child Awarded 2013 Nautilus Medal

Star Child has been selected for a 2013 Nautilus Silver Medal Award. The award program, which is in its 13th year, also recognized authors Barbara Kingsolver, Marianne Williamson and Jon Kabat-Zinn this year. Previous winners include Deepak Chopra, Desmond Tutu and The Dalai Lama. "Gold and Silver awards are given to print books of exceptional merit that make a literary and heartfelt contribution to spiritual growth, conscious living, high-level wellness, green values, responsible leadership and positive social change, as well as to the worlds of art, creativity and inspiration." ~ Nautilus Book Award website. Many thanks to my many supporters and especially to my publisher,…

Cooking up a Culinary Dynasty

Karen and Ben Barker, award-winning chefs of Durham, NC’s Magnolia Grill have not only cooked up a lifetime of wonderful food, but created a dynasty of chefs who have each left their imprint at the restaurant  and all over the US.  Here’s the fascinating article and the “Family Tree”  of chefs from the Magnolia Grill. Awe inspiring!

Tuscan Holiday Ahead

On Wednesday we depart for Rome to attend our niece's wedding(to an Italian).After that we drive to northern Tuscany in the vicinity of Barga and Lucca. We'll be cooking, hiking and exploring the local offerings in a  true center of Slow Cooking. Watch for photos and posts. Ciao!


The Dalai Lama’s Cat is a multi-layered treatise on the practical aspects of Buddhist teachings cloaked in the delightful tale of a cat who becomes the pet of the Dalai Lama.  Besides introducing us to the fascinating life at the residence of one of the great spiritual leaders of our time, the story weaves together self-deprecating humor and profound teaching through the adventures of HHC  (His Holiness’s Cat) a.k.a. Snow Lion. Snow Lion is “Everycat” who aspires to being a “bodhicatva”, with all the foibles of his human companions- pride, insecurities,  jealousy, over-eating and challenges to being a good meditator. At counterpoin…

"Thought for Food" with Stephen Colbert

Watch this Stephen Colbert "Thought for Food" video excerpt for a hilarious look at  three current food issues in America. I'm still laughing at the Jamie Oliver piece at the end.

The Casserole Brigade Goes Cyber

My friends used the wonderful site Take Them a Meal to organize the entire process. Contributors could see what was being brought, get directions and special instructions and even get reminder when it was their turn.

Cooking Up Your Own Shampoo

Here's a sassy little video from Huffington Post Green Pages of how to keep your hair clean,manageable and healthy using everyday pantry items... just the latest in a series of Do-it-yourself instructionals aimed at keeping life simpler.

Homemade Mayonnaise

My last attempt at homemade mayonnaise had not gone well. I knew how to make it and even how to “fix” a broken sauce. But nothing seemed to work.  What could have been the problem? I drew upon the expertise of my friend Shirley Corriher from Atlanta and her “bible” how-to cookbook, Cookwise: The Hows and Whys of Successful Cooking, The Secrets of Cooking Revealed. I knew if I used her methods all would go well. In reading her comments I realized that she advised against using extra virgin olive oil- just what I had used the last time. She says it (and other refined oils) has too many monoglicerides in it that can “break” the emulsion.  I…

The Quiet Mind

Read Listening Below the Noise, A Meditation on the Practice of Silence by Anne D LeClaire. It is a beaautifully written book about the benefits of the practice of  silence in our very noisy world. A thoughtful examination of what it means to clear the channels of our minds and nervous system.