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Now Available: Star Child

"Becoming human..the greatest journey.”

 Star Child, written in a fairy tale genre similar to The Little Prince and The Alchemist is  a book for young and mature adults. It explores in a simple and poetic way the challenges of two “star children,” Terra and Marius on their journey to learn about being human. Set in a faraway time and place, they face the struggles of modern humans: fear, loneliness, the need to please, and the stigma of showing their true selves when they do not fit in with those around them. Betraying their own hearts, each gives up or misuses the very things that make them unique.

Along the way, the star children encounter wise teachers in the creatures of the sea and earth, the trees of the forest, and the elders of their world. Young hearts and old souls will treasure their travels with the star children in this deeply spiritual tale of their magical journey back to themselves and each other.

Star Child will make an appealing gift or keepsake for all ages.


“Imagine two mystical and mysterious beings descend from the heavens. What could their journey on earth possibly teach us? Only what it means to be truly human. And that is the greatest lesson of all.”

—MEREDITH VIEIRA, television journalist

"Tender, poetic and powerful in it's simplicity, Star Child is a wise and wonderful book that will touch the hearts of readers of every age."  Nancy Aronie, author of Writing from the Heart and founder of the Chilmark Writing Workshop.

 “Star Child is a fast-paced shimmering story, full of light anf iridescence.” Peggy Payne, author of Revelation and Sister India

 Paolo Coelho and Gabriel Garcia Marquez, make room at your table for Kay Goldstein. Her book, Star Child is at once fresh and timeless, her voice that of a wise storyteller. There is a perfect dose of magical realism in this tale that will draw you back to read it again and again. Bob Forbes, author of Beastly Feasts, Mischievous Menagerie of Rhymes.

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Book of Feasts, Recipes and Stories from American Celebrations*

Kay Goldstein and Liza Nelson, Photography by Al Clayton (Longstreet Press) 1993

Book of FeastsExcerpt from Introduction:

"There is a communion of more than our bodies when bread is broken and wine drunk" —M. F. K Fisher

"Live simply, but celebrate special occasions." —Horace

"Mention childhood celebrations to almost anyone and the memories spill forth. The first bite of that special chocolate birthday cake Mother spent two days preparing. The well worn family stories that aunts and uncles told around the table.... The scent of cinnamon and almond filling the kitchen...the flowers, the candlelight, noodle pudding, hoppin' John, homemade pickles. The sounds, the smells and especially the tastes return as vividly as ever.

Why are we filled with longing when we recall these special memories? What is the magic of communal feasting that we find so nurturing?

These are the questions that inspired nearly three years of research and travel as we interviewed, photographed and feasted our way across the US. It was a journey of discovery..." —Introduction, A Book of Feasts (Longstreet Press, 1993)

Awards & Recognition

1994 James Beard Award nominee

A Book of Feasts has been featured at Readable Feasts in NYC, Rocky Mountain Women’s Festival, the Georgia Celebrity Authors’ Tea, and in over 100 publications, including the Washington Post, McCall’s Magazine, and the Chicago Tribune.


“The quintessential American book” —Cook’s Illustrated

“Have a feast, both for your eyes and your palate” —Bookpage

“Kitchen table poetry... a celebration of the human spirit.” —The Orlando Sentinel

“A beautiful celebration of life... as much for reading as for recipes” —The Houston Post

“Have a feast, both for your eyes and your palate.” —Bookpage

“It’s a rare cookbook that can make you cry. A BOOK OF FEASTS can make you laugh, weep, and most importantly, it can make you want to celebrate with loved ones.” —Savannah Morning News

“There’s something for everyone in this warm and wonderful collection of recipes and stories.” —Nathalie Dupree, cookbook author and TV personality

“The only cookbook I’ve ever endorsed...because it’s something more than a cookbook.” —M. Scott Peck, MD, author, The Road Less Traveled

“A warm, winning book for any family, for any time.” —The Daytona News-Journal

“Some books are well photographed but lack imagination. Others are well written, but poorly illustrated...but A BOOK OF FEASTS appears to have both, plus a dollop of cultural education.” —Patricia Simms, Wisconsin State Journal


Quintet, New Work by Five Vineyard Poets

Edited by Julie Kimball, (Westmeadow Press, 2006) excerpt below

Island QuintetThe Fourth of July

There is talk at the pool
of barbecues and picnics.
But we stay close
watching from the high terrace
flashes of fireworks
bursting across the skyline.

We draw back the bedroom curtain
for you to see,
you, our dying patriot.

We tell you that you can go
and you hear our brave goodbyes
even as we trip
on the edges of our loss.
Yet you gaze past us
your eyes held in rapt salute
to a standard
somewhere far in the night sky
beyond the colors
of red white and blue.


“Kay Goldstein's six poems explore, in a gentle way, the layers of complex emotions that hover like so many ghosts beneath the surfaces of common human experiences such as preparing food, observing a sleeping child, and witnessing children leaving home. One particularly haunting poem, "The Fourth of July," renders the pain inhabiting a home where a loved one moves toward death with the understated metaphor:

We tell you that you can go
and you hear our brave goodbyes
even as we trip
on the edges of our loss.”

—Dan Sharkovitz, Martha’s Vineyard Times “Visible Poets, Vibrant Poetry”

“Kay Goldstein brings tenderness to the ordinary experiences of everyday life... focusing on and freeze-framing single moments... The reader comes away from Island Quintet with a subtle but resolute connection to both the poets and to the Island, a kind of below-the-skin affirmation of life, dear in all its beauty and hardship.” —The Vineyard Gazette


Vineyard Poets

Edited by Julie Kimball, (Westmeadow Press, 2004)

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Vineyard PoetsExcerpt below:

Not On My List

I will not make a list of these things.
They are more important
than a loaf of bread
or calling the plumber
and the library book due yesterday.

I will simply walk on the beach
when the sound of surf
won’t let me turn away
and write
when the gift of a phrase
is newborn and just opening its eyes
and sit on the porch
because the chair is empty
and the yellow finches are feeding
and kiss your cheek
because it is there
and turned upward, unsuspecting.

And I will eat that peach
because its ripeness
will not wait for me
to do my chores.